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Brian Norris

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I will be stripping to my skivvies and running in the frigid temps again this February, all in an effort to raise funds so children can overcome NF (neurofibromatosis) and grow up happy and healthy.

...there are children such as Jack Burke who was diagnosed with NF at two-years-old and, along with other tumors, has a plexiform neurofibroma (a complex tumor) just behind his left eye. And now, just this September, they discovered a new tumor on his brain stem that needs immediate intervention. So, as you are reading this, he will have started 15 months of chemotherapy. =/

No child should have to go through this. Your donation, whether it be $5 or $500, will provide critical funding the Children's Tumor Foundation (http://www.ctf.org) and allow for clinical trials, treatments and ultimately a cure that is so desperately needed.

In addition to running for this cause, I will be donating $50/month from October thru February to show my support. Last year I set my goal at $1,000 and raised over $1,300 for the cause, so I am increasing my goal this year to $1,500. I hope to possibly once again surpass my goal, with your help.

I sincerely thank you, and the numerous children and families who will benefit from this effort thank you.

100% of donations go directly to the Children's Tumor Foundation.

CTF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization rated 4-stars by Charity Navigator and priding itself on spending 82.4% of its revenue on program expenses and less than 8% on administrative costs.



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Pamela Newman : $25
go Brian!!!

Brian Newell : $85

Scott Kuczinski : $50
Go Brian! God be with you always!

Michael Szczepanski : $75
Go Hard Brian! Wait.. that didn't sound right.

John Kerekes : $25
Brian, Have a great run! John

Nina Cheung : $100

Kasandra Providence : $20

Herman Redd : $25
Have fun, Brian!

Gerard Hyacinthe : $25
Go Red Sox!!!

Mary Jeanne Dunlap : $20

Margarita Lopez : $25

Julian Gutierrez : $20
Good Luck Brian

Jeff Harvey : $25

Anonymous : $100

Gail Burla : $5

Paul Norris Jr
Good luck Brian

Sophie Uy : $50

Alexandra Cintron : $25
For a cause that's Near & Dear to my Heart....

Jennifer Magnone
You're almost there!!!

Deolinda Camilo : $25

Brian Norris : $50

Wendi Olitsky : $25
Good Luck!!

Lisa Dudley : $25

April McGill : $50

Anonymous : $10

Don Dixon : $50

Magdalena Cuervo : $50
Good Luck Brian!!!

Linda Perretti : $20

Roderick Reves : $20
Those better be some tight, sheer undies!!

Leslie DeFelice : $25
Giving you some love back! :)

Marie Kim : $25
Anything for a good cause... * wiggles eyebrows *

Linny F : $20
good luck!

Denesha Record

Chun Mak : $25
Run your frozen butt off, Brian!

Kashif Khan : $100


Matteo Ruggiu : $25
Run for the children, Brian! Also, take some pictures (asking for a friend).

Jenn Stern

Mitchell Einhorn : $25
Glad to join the team!



Olympia Dukakis
Good luck, Brian! Xoxo, Olympia

Brian Norris : $50

Sophia Ferguson : $25
Great cause! Sophie F

Catoya Lundy : $25

Brian Huff : $100

Kelly Sly : $50

Daniel Mekelburg : $50
Good luck Brian. Kind Regards, D'n'l

Pat Francis : $10
Good luck!


Brian Norris : $50

Brian Norris : $50

Philip Holtberg : $50
Rock those crotchless pink panties Brian!

Karen Stephens : $25
I call dibs on those undies!

Brian Norris : $50

last year at the Undie Run
8 yr old Jack, a sufferer of NF (Nuerofibromatosis.)