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Kevin McMeen

Chicago | Jack Attack

Shame knows no bounds when it comes to a good cause!  I did it last year and I will be doing it again in 2014.  Yes, I'll be stripping to my undies and running around in the frigid February weather.  "Why?" you ask, it's all in an effort to raise funds so kids like my son, Jack, and so many other kids with NF can grow up happy and healthy.  My Jack is a wonderful 12 year old who loves the Green Bay Packers, his family, good food and a few video games.

But Jack's journey has been a tough one. He was diagnosed with NF (neurofibromatosis) at the age of four, had a brain tumor removed at age 8, had 2 follow up surgeries and about a dozen MRI's and far too many trips to see his neurologist.  Unfortunately, Jack's journey is not over as we monitor a cyst in his spinal cord, called a syrinx.   

NO CHILD SHOULD HAVE TO GO THROUGH THIS, so I am stripping down to my skivvies in the freezing cold because I will do whatever it takes, no matter how ridiculous or embarrassing, to help find a cure for NF!

Your donation, whether it be $5 or $500, will provide critical funding to the Children's Tumor Foundation and allow for clinical trials, treatments and ultimately the cure we desperately need. 

Last year was the first Cupid's Run in Chicago and I found out about the event only two weeks before the race date.  I didn't let that deter me and with some very generous donations from friends and family, Jack Attack raised nearly $20,000 in just one week!  With a matching gift, team Jack Attack managed to become the top Cupid's Run fundraiser in the country.  This year, we are building a bigger and better team and setting our goal much higher - $50,000.  I'll be matching donations again up to $25,000, which would get us to $75,000.  It's a big goal, but with a bigger team, bigger network and your generous help we can make it.


I sincerely thank you, Jack thanks you, and the millions of families who will benefit from this effort thank you.

100% of donations go directly to the Children's Tumor Foundation.
CTF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization rated 4-stars by Charity Navigator and priding itself on spending 82.4% of its revenue on program expenses and less than 8% on administrative costs.


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Thank You Donors!

Wingate Healthcare Inc : $200

William Gould

David Arzi : $100

william rubenstein

Roger & Marilyn McMeen : $25

Great Rock Asset Management LLC : $250

Rich Graham : $500

Charles Cunningham : $500

Gilbert Dunne : $100
You have all our best wishes and admiration, Kevin

Steven Curwin : $250

Maurice Amsellem


curt schaller : $250
Watch for potholes!

Goldberg Kohn Foundation : $500

Brett Robinson : $250

Beth McMeen : $22,500
$2,500 to kick it off, $22,500 to finish it off! Thank you to so many great donors.

James Sibley : $100

Lucile Rice

Garrett Fletcher

Colleen Kovas
Happy to support you, your family and all of those with NF. The faster you run, the warmer you'll be. Good luck!

Michael Levin : $250

James Landman
Have fun! Looks like you'll have warmer temps next week.

David Sharp : $250
Don't forget the sunblock!

Anthony Massey : $250
You are really lucking out with the warm up - good luck

David Schless : $250
It is a pleasure to support a great cause and great people! Dave Schless

Tim Cobb : $500

Francis D. Kelly : $250

Nathan Redisch : $25

David Caleca : $1,000
Please do not send us pictures! CSCA - Brad, Laurent, Peter & David

Meridian Realty Advisors LP : $1,000

Matt Menna
keep your shorts on

Joe Caracci
If I could hop a mile with you, I would. Go Jack Attack!!!!!

Daniel A Decker : $200
Wish I could be there to cheer for you!

Steve Gilleland : $500
Finish strong Kevin!!

Jay Lobell : $5,000
With great admiration for Kevin's commitment and the importance of the cause.

Mark Bernal : $50
Good luck Kevin! Send Pics...

david weiss : $1,000
Hoping for a warm-up starting Thursday! Barb & David

craig romer
best of luck Kevin!

Nate Podratz : $100
Kick some bare butt!

James Scribner : $100
Good luck!!!

Sebert Lopez

Scott Spielmann : $50

kevin sitter : $50
Go duddies! Great cause! Your rite no kid should have to go though this!!

Susan Kent : $200

tracy sinner
Hopefully we'll get a heat wave the day of your run. Take care.

Bob Kramer : $250
Go, Kevin! Hope it warms up before the 15th. Delighted to support you and Jack.

Carmen McMeen : $100
We support you all the way! Of course, we will be warm and toasty while you run in your undies :)

Don Hooper : $50

dahl knaus : $100
good luck-dahl&lola knaus

Norm LeZotte : $1,000

Roger & Marilyn McMeen : $500
For Jack, Kevin, Beth, Eleanor and the entire NF Family

Steven Fishman : $250
Best Wishes!!!

Boswell Darren : $100

Richard Tannenbaum
Good luck !

Joanne Gukich Vitas : $10
Grandfathers H.S. classmate

Steve Marks Sr : $200
Good Luck

MBK Senior Living : $5,000

SMV Management Company LLC : $2,500

Michael Monticello : $150

Joe and Jody Ohm : $150
Good luck, Joe may join you in all this craziness!

Ken Segarnick : $500

Richard E. Stacey : $1,000
Kevin and Jack, I'm happy to support such a great cause. Good luck !!

Anonymous : $5,000
Good luck with your run!

Greg & Linda Semmann : $50
Good Luck Kevin and Jack!!!

Mike Stephen : $500
Jack and Kevin - Enjoy the event, all the best!

Paul Dendy : $1,000
Good Luck meeting your goal.

Neal Raburn
Good luck!

Sondra Baggio : $50
All the best for a great run !

Stephen Levy

Alfie (White Shadow) Bingham : $100
Still a game time decision on running nekkid. what's the forecast? Could be colder this year.

Jon & Joann Wittenberg : $10

Jeff Steele : $250
Good Luck and keep your undies on!

Ryan Dunham : $1,500
Best of Luck from Oakley Home Builders

Greg Heichel : $50

Anonymous : $500
Best of luck kevin

Lynn Lehman : $100
Happy to support a great cause! Good luck in the run Kevin and good luck in the fight Jack!

David Turf

Jim Happel : $25

Rich Schulz : $100
Good Luck from The J Rich Company

Jim Seymour : $500

Alec Blanc
Good luck running for a great cause!

Raymond Lewis : $1,000

Patrick Melvin : $100

Arnold Whitman : $1,000

Thaddeus Wilson : $100
All the best Kevin!

Edward Schroeder : $500
Glad to support your efforts!! Hope it is warm when you run!!!

Anonymous : $50

James Coughlin : $500
The Northbridge Team is happy to support you and your son!

Tony Mullen : $500


John Petrovski : $200
Bravo to Jack and the whole McMeen family.

Dale Chamberlain : $50


William Mulligan

Pat & George Kennedy : $100
Our pleasure to donate to this cause

Joanne Beatty : $25

Mark and Cheryl Burnham : $1,000
Go Jack Go!

Wayne Craig : $250

Jason McMeen : $1,000
Dude, put'er goin' eh, bro!

Bluma Broner : $50
Good Luck Kevin

Allison Collins : $100
You da man Duddies!!!! Good luck from the Collins family!

Robert Ezer : $250

Helen Berman : $25

Mark Myers : $100
Glad to help. Hope to do another deal with you soon. I will be praying for your son.

John Moore

Ryan Novaczyk : $250

Jerome and Aurora Austriaco : $200
Happy to support a great cause!

Adam Heavenrich
Good Luck!

Bill Shorten : $250
Good luck

Richard Hutchinson : $500
Happy to help such a great cause...no photos please!

Ron Finch : $150
I am delighted to support your fund raising efforts. Photos? Photos? Ron


Richard Kale : $250

Craig Andreen : $1,000
Thank you for including us, happy to support!

Kurt Read : $1,500
Go Kevin!

Thilo Best : $250
Best of luck to you and Jack!

Brian Howard : $100

Patrick Mulloy : $250

Patrick Sullivan : $100

Jeff Aeder
Best of Luck!

Anonymous : $250

Joshua Rosen : $100
Bring on the polar vortex!

Patrick McGonigle : $100

Severine Petras : $50
Run Fast!

Jeff Gardner : $150

andre maksimow : $50

Lisa Burgess : $50
Good luck on reaching your goal. Best wishes for you and your son.

James Pieczynski : $1,000

Gary Ruben : $250
Good luck reaching your goal. You are an example to us all.

James Gray : $500

Anonymous : $100

Mark Ballif : $1,000
This donation is from Mark Ballif and Paul Hubbard

Well done Kevin Hope that you are doing well Regards Manfred

Jonathan Boba : $100

Oak Grove Capital : $500
On behalf of Oak Grove, thanks for supporting a great cause and good luck on your run!

Gloria Holland : $100
Wishing you good luck and warmer weather! Hope to see pictures!

Brian Kelleher : $250

Frank Haffner : $500

dan boho : $100
Go Kevin!

Ginger Petroff : $750
Great Cause - Hope it gets warmer!

Beth Mace

Tom Hrlevich
Nice going Duddies, can't wait to see the pictures!

dave and kim ritzow : $100
post pictures!

Catherine Bier : $250
I'm very happy to sponsor you in this great cause! Hope it warms up before then!

Chris White : $150

Bottleneck Management : $100

Nathan Hilding : $100

Anthony Anscombe : $100
A final tune up before curling at Sochi

Steve Westerberg : $250

Michael Adelsbach : $100

Daniel Welch : $250

Jennifer Johnston : $100

Richard Evans : $150

Michael Stark : $100

Kevin McMeen : $2,500
Getting the ball rolling...